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Benefits of sports (English exam speaking)

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

If you are interested in taking an English exam, like IELTS, then it's important to practise discussing topics in a way that shows depth, good knowledge of the language, and uniqueness in your answer. You won't score points for giving short responses constructed by simple sentences, simply because it won't be enough for the examiner to assess your level. You only have a few minutes to showcase your skills so here's an example of how you can address a topic/ question about sport.

First of all, make sure you have examples of team sports, individual sports, and where they take place. For example, basketball court, football pitch, golf course, and so on. Then, you can start thinking of the benefits like:

  1. Positive effect on mood and energy

  2. A decrease in health problems (+depression)

  3. Working with teammates and/or coach

  4. Increase of endorphins

  5. Learn how to be a good loser (as opposed to a sore loser)

  6. Sel-esteem boost

  7. Commitment to sports or a particular sport can build character (an important attribute for job vacancies too)

  8. Build resilience and stamina

Further questions that you can ask yourself and try to develop in your mind could be:

  1. Do you think our schools need more or less Physical Education (P.E) lessons?

  2. Is it good to be competitive? Explain your answer and support it with points and examples.

  3. Do you prefer watching/ playing team sports or individual sports?

Overall, no matter what the subject is you should also keep in mind the following:

  1. Smile and be yourself.

  2. Listen carefully to the examiner's questions and don't focus only on one or two words (You might end up off-topic if you do this).

  3. Use interesting vocabulary and try not to repeat the same words.

  4. Use a lot of linking words and make sure your sentences are not too short.

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