Music idioms

There are hundreds of idioms used by English speakers all the time. Today, I am posting idioms related to music but their meanings have nothing to do with music.

1. Jessica wanted to quit her job, but after she was offered a higher salary, she changed her tune very quickly- change her mind

2. I hardly studied for my exam. I will have to face the music when the exam results are announced- deal with the consequences

3. What are we doing tonight? We'll just have to play it by ear- Let's think about it when we get there; no plans for now

4. The news that lockdown was over, was music to my ears- Pleasing news

5. I can't remember his face, but his name rings a bell- it is somewhere in my memory

6. We know you're a successful actor now. There's no need to blow your own trumpet- brag and boast

7. This essay definitely needs some fine-tuning in order to get a good mark - adjustment

Do you think you can use them in your speaking? Start today and see how impressed native speakers will be with you!

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