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Small talk- British English

Small talk is quite common in Britain. It is good for socialising but without prying into people's private affairs. What do you talk about though? Let's have a look at some good topics and bad topics.

Good topics

Weather- 'Lovely day isn't it?'

Plans for the weekend/after work or (summer) holiday- 'Are you doing anything fun after work?'

Past plans- 'Good morning! I went camping on Saturday, and of course it rained all day. Was your weekend any better?'

Give compliments- 'I like what you've done with your hair. New hairstyle?'

Discuss shows on TV/music- ' Did you watch that new drama series last night? I can’t believe the plot'

Cost of living- 'Supermarket prices are going through the roof. Food is getting very expensive'

Bad topics



Personal financial questions

Offensive jokes

If you are talking to a friend you can also use the term 'chit chat' to describe these short unimportant conversations. If you are talking about work, especially with a colleague or somebody that does a similar job to you, outside of your workplace then you can say that you 'talk shop'.

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