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The 3 most common types of writing

Types of writing

Today I would like to discuss the difference between three types of writing and explain their purpose.

Narrative writing

The purpose of narrative writing is to tell a story, whether that story is real or imaginary. These are the different elements that a writer must consider before tackling it:

· Set the scene/ decide on the setting of the story. Describe the place by using a lot of adjectives.

· Decide on the main character/ describe character well and, again, try to use a lot of adjectives.

· Decide on side characters (usually around 2 or 3 depending on how complex you want your story to be)

· Use similes and metaphors.

· Make sure your vocabulary is varied and vivid (creates and image or lot of images for the reader)

Persuasive writing

The aim of persuasive writing is to influence the reader to accept the author’s views. This type of writing is based on personal opinion and not on facts. It is written in and informal way and can be found in advertisement.

Argumentative writing

Even though this type of writing is similar to persuasive writing, there are some stark differences. It is always based on findings through research and is written in a formal manner. Your research has to be based on well-established ideas and sources that are valid and relevant. Biased arguments that are purely referring personal opinion are not suitable. These are the main elements that need to be considered before writing an argumentative piece:

· Decide on your research area.

· State your thesis in the introduction.

· Base your position on your supporting evidence.

· Use citations and refer to scientific studies, statistics, and quotes.

· Use formal writing- preferably in 3rd person.

· Conclude by restating the argument and your position by a brief summary of your main body findings. Do not include any new information or make any new points here.

Keep checking this blog for some more articles on writing ideas and on how to motivate students, or yourself, to enjoy writing more.

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