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Working from home- vocabulary

In the UK, working from home has always being a concept that many people were familiar with. On some occasions because of flexible contracts that allow employees to work in the office Mon-Thurs with Friday at home, and on other occasions because people here tend to work beyond their contractual hours, often answering emails late into the evening.

During the Covid-19 pandemic though, working from home has become the norm and more and more people identify now with this format. Will staff continue to work from home even after the spread has been curbed? Which jobs can afford to work from home and not be in business premises? Surveys suggest that a high percentage of the UK workforce feels burnt out so will employees choose to return to work as soon as it is possible and start having more stable working hours or will they prefer to continue to work remotely?

These are some of the questions many companies are contemplating at the moment but what do you really think? 'Should people work from home in the future? Why? Why not?'

Some vocabulary to bare in mind if you are discussing a topic like this:

Chief executive

Impact on employees/ economy


Pshysical and mental health

Glued to a screen for hours

When working from home, you need to get into the right frame of mind

Feel free to post me your comments and ideas on the topic!

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