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Writing task 2 IELTS- Spend a couple of minutes planning your answer

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

This is my favourite task out of the two and I strongly believe that half of your success here lies in the organisation of your time, writing, and ideas. Therefore, you need to spend a couple of minutes noting down your ideas (plan)

For example, if your topic is about homeschooling and whether it is a good idea for parents to choose home education, some of the points you should note down are the following:

Positive= Parents are involved/ have a closer relationship with their children, more flexible schedule, children become independent learners, do not get distracted by peers, choice of subject freedom

Negative= No socialising with peers, lack of integration skills, no exposure to diversity, more time is spent indoors than outdoors (especially with peers)

It's a good idea to state your position in the introduction so then you will know how many points for each side you will use. For instance, if you believe that homeschooling is better make sure you use more positive than negative points.

Another point I'd like to make is that you shouldn't use too many points for either side as you need to leave some space for developing them and providing examples as well, in order to make them better understood by the reader. Don't forget that you should always explain your thoughts thoroughly as you also score points for clarity in your writing.

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