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Welcome to The English Society, a place where you can learn new skills and feel accomplished every single day. The philosophy behind it is driven by progress, student satisfaction, and a personalised study plan. Take a look at the courses and classes on offer and get in touch to find out more. If you decide to join us, you will be asked to complete a level test in order to be able to offer you the most suitable service.

Classes and Courses

Are You Ready?

The English Society provides a variety of tailor-made classes based on your requirements and goals.

General English/Professional English

Interactive learning

·  Grammar
·  Syntax
·  Reading skills
·  Listening skills
·  Speaking skills
·  Vocabulary
·  1:1 support
·  Vocabulary for work
·  Materials and worksheets sent to your inbox

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Reach your potential

·   Skimming and scanning skills
·   Academic vocabulary
·   Academic writing (essays & reports)
·   Presentation skills
·   1:1 support
·   Materials and worksheets sent to your inbox

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Achieve your goals

·    Reading skills
·    Speaking skills
·    Listening skills
·    Writing skills
·    Vocabulary
·    Feedback on mock tests
·    Tips and methods for higher scores
·    1:1 support
·    Materials and worksheets sent to your inbox

Pronunciation & Intonation

Sound like a native British speaker

  • Practise sounds

  • Minimal pairs (distinctions)

  • Tongue twisters

  • Sentence intonation practice

  • Roleplays

Wooden blocks with the word IELTS - inte

Job interview practice

How to ace a job interview

  • Advice on Curriculum Vitaes

  • Cover letter writing guidance

  • Job interview questions and how to answer 

  • Language support (Grammar and vocabulary)

Let's discuss the news

Professional Bright Office Zoom Virtual

Are you interested in current affairs?

  • Discuss news from around the world

  • Practise fluency

  • Get language support

  • Acquire new vocabulary

History & Politics

Are you a history & politics buff or would like to gain a better understanding of these subjects?

  • Learn through PowerPoint presentations, videos and worksheets

  • Be introduced to facts and theories

  • Use critical thinking

Interested in learning more about our courses?

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The English Society News

Get the Latest

Whether you’re a current student at The English Society or visiting us for the first time, this section can provide helpful information for you. Take a look below and check back often for the latest updates.

10 Essential Tips for all English Learners

1. Listen (Radio, TV, online videos)
2. Read (articles, blogs, magazines)
3. Write (shopping lists, emails, articles, essays)
4. Repeat and be patient
5. Use the mirror to gain confidence
6. Practise, practise, practise every day
7. Learn a word every day
8. Join conversation groups (check our free one)
9. It is ok to make mistakes! Don't be afraid to speak and work on your fluency
10. Don't try to translate everything

Make sure you enjoy learning and speaking English!

The English Society Conversation Club (Free)

Join our conversation group to practise your fluency and gain confidence. Keep checking the Events Section for our next get-together.

Lesson plans/worksheets

Do you feel that you have no spare time to attend lessons? Don't worry! You can order your own tailor-made lesson plans and have them delivered to your mailbox.

News from around the world

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For the last few months, countries have seen their governments implement strict lockdown rules in order to combat the pandemic caused by Covid-19. Slowly now, life is getting back on track but with new norms. Schools, shops, bars, restaurants, and several other facilities and services will be allowed to open soon but will be operating under a different set of rules.
I love different cultures, so one of the things that I’m always interested in is visiting galleries and museums. So yesterday, the following article from the BBC caught my eye where the new guidelines are explained whilst referring to museums across Europe such as Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum, the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Denmark's Louisiana Museum, and the Louvre in Paris. For all of you art and culture lovers check out the full article

Get your free English session now!

It has been a tough last few months for everybody but people have proven that we can continue to learn and grow even through lockdown restrictions. I believe everybody should have access to education, especially now more than ever. If you agree with me and would like to practise your English, get in touch for your free session.

Topic of the month- June

This is the time, usually, when people start getting ready for their summer holidays. Even though this year things will be different, it is always useful to know what options are available and how to express our ideas through the correct vocabulary. Before booking anything, you need to think about what type of holiday you wish to have. These are some of the most popular choices that people make:

a beach holiday  

a city break (usually 2-3 days spent in a city)

a cruise

a skiing holiday (during winter!)

an adventure holiday

Once you have decided on the type of holiday, then you need to think about your accommodation. Would it be…

a bed and breakfast

a caravan

a hotel

a hostel (cheaper than a hotel)

a self-catering apartment

a tent (camping)

Whatever you choose to do remember to stay safe! However, if you decide to do a staycation, you can explore beauty spots in your own area and enjoy your garden/veranda or local parks.

Get in contact to suggest a 'topic of the month' for July.

New lessons added!

New thirty-minute pronunciation and speaking fluency sessions have been added to accommodate busy learners. Head over to the bookings page to check out all the new additions or click the link below.

Topic of the month-September

September is the month dedicated to education! Every year, after the summer holidays, many students are looking forward to returning to their learning. Reading books becomes a part of people's lives again, especially as the evenings are drawing in earlier. I personally like a lot of different genres, including, both, fiction and no-fiction. I particularly like books that focus on sociological factors and all things related to everyday life and human interaction. If you are a bookworm or simply looking for your next opportunity to be transported somewhere else, check out this article from the BBC with a recommended booklist for 2020. Happy reading!

Topic of the month- January

New Year’s Resolutions

Every January, most people decide to make some changes in order to enjoy healthier and more fulfilling lives. I am a strong believer that it is better to do everything in moderation and try to keep it up throughout the year, rather than go for it only for a month or two, usually January/ February, before returning to our old unhealthy ways.  Nevertheless, these are 10 of the most common ‘New Year’s resolutions’ that people say they are going to follow when asked.

  1. Join a gym/ lose weight or tone up

  2. Quit smoking

  3. Eat more healthily

  4. Drink more water

  5. Save (more) money

  6. Take up a new hobby

  7. Drink less alcohol

  8. Find a new job/ change career

  9. Strike a better work-life balance

  10. Travel more/ Relax more

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2021?

Due to the terrible 2020 we had, I can safely say that everybody will be wishing for something that some of us, if not most of us, used to take for granted before; our freedom!

International Women's Day- 8th March

International Women's Day is a day on which we celebrate the historical, political and cultural achievements of women. We also highlight the need for further improvements in rights and gender equality. If you are interested in this topic, head over to the History and Politics lessons where you can book your session and discuss further.
You can also check out the official website of International Women's Day for further information

Armistice Day

Every year we commemorate the armistice signed between the Allies of WWI and Germany. It did not end the war completely but it declared ceasefire whilst the permanent peace  terms were being discussed. It was signed at 11am on the 11th of November 1918 and in honour of the people that lost their lives, a National Service is held at the Cenotaph in London on the Sunday closest to the 11th of November every year. For more information you can click on the link below.

Scotland forever!

I go to Edinburgh for work various times throughout the year. It always amazes me how loved this city is by all its visitors. There is a strong cultural identity and lots of things to do and see. This city is particularly popular amongst our EFL/ESL students and who can blame them? From the New Town to the Royal Mile, around Princes Street Gardens and the Castle watching the city from its majestic spot, Edinburgh is a place that never disappoints.  If you are interested in Scotland, check out our Instagram piccies. This is one of the most iconic cities and I hope everybody gets the chance to visit.

New group classes

We are currently running small groups of 5 for learners who are Intermediate and above.  If you would like to discuss your level, please contact us. 

For more news and updates, reach out to us today!

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Upcoming Events

  • English Conversation Get Together Online
    English Conversation Get Together Online
    lør. 12. juni
    Online English Conversation
    12. juni 2021, 11:00 – 12:00 GMT+1
    Online English Conversation
    12. juni 2021, 11:00 – 12:00 GMT+1
    Online English Conversation
    Join our annual get together, meet likeminded people from around the world and practise English at no cost at all!
  • English Conversation Get Together (Free Event)
    English Conversation Get Together (Free Event)
    tir. 02. juni
    Online Event
    02. juni 2020, 11:00 – 12:00 GMT+1
    Online Event
    02. juni 2020, 11:00 – 12:00 GMT+1
    Online Event
    Do you want to practise your English and chat to other likeminded people around the world? Join us online on 2 June 2020
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