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IELTS- Writing task 1 (must phrases)

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Many students waste too much time on writing task 1 which are then left with a lot less time to complete task 2. I would strongly advise against that due to the fact that it scores less than task 2 hence you need to spend around 20 minutes only and allow the rest (40 mins) for task 2.

I suggest to all my students to learn a few good phrases for describing graphs, pie charts, tables rather than cramming in every possible word.

Fell and then levelled off = dropped and then followed by a period of stability

Plummeted = plunged

Rose gradually = steady increase

Remained flat/stable = stabilization

hit a peak = highest point

dipped = slight fall but quickly recovered (dip in the economy)

fell gradually =steady decrease

Fluctuated =erratic behaviour

hit a low = lowest point

soared =rose rapidly

IELTS is all about following a strategy so you need to determine yours..

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